Keep Cardiff Kooky -- Stop the Rail Trail!

No Rail Trail Movie from no rail trail on Vimeo.

Cardiff and Encinitas residents and visitors, we thank you for your incredible outpouring of support to help us ensure that the Coastal Rail Trail project doesn't alter the rustic charm of our community!

On March 30th, the Encinitas City Council voted 4-1 to look further in to an alternate route for the Rail Trail. You can read more about their decision in the San Diego Union-Tribune article.


So what was the Coastal Rail Trail project about, you ask?

Sadly most Cardiff residents hadn't even heard about the Coastal Rail Trail and we needed to change that. We are the community that is impacted by it, making it urgent that we become informed and active in our cause. The Encinitas City Council, comprised of our elected officials, has certainly heard of it because on May 20, 2015, three council members, Catherine Blakespear, Lisa Shaffer and Tony Kranz, voted in favor of implementing the Coastal Rail Trail measure along the San Elijo and Vulcan Avenue corridor against the objections of Mayor Kristin Gaspar and Mark Muir. This 3-2 vote, one that has the potential to change the character, nature and daily life for local residents, wasn't widely advertised to the public despite the enormity of its impact, and it took place with only a small contingent of residents informed enough to be there to debate it. This quaint coastal city of ours, cherished by its residents as a unique and unequalled place to live and work, would have changed in the shadow of the Coastal Rail Trail.

Our goal has been to tell our elected officials, in no uncertain terms, that the San Elijo and Vulcan Avenue corridor of our city is something the City Council should and will value and protect as we the citizens do, and it is most certainly not a canvas for political pet projects or a feather in the cap of public agencies purporting to serve the greater good. In the midst of other high priority infrastructure projects in Encinitas that require millions of dollars to fund, the Coastal Rail Trail was both bloated and redundant, and would have adversely impacted the lives of a great majority of residents. The San Elijo Avenue corridor is a natural and enduring part of Cardiff, a legacy of responsible beach access, parking, and transportation that we want to continue to enjoy and one day leave to our children.